quote startFurse’s assured feature debut is made stronger by central performances that don’t flinch from the physical and psychological truths of the situation. Equally fascinating is the understanding the film offers the captors. This is a truly inspirational, moving, intimate and compassionate reading of these true events. quote end**** Empire: April 2004



Director/Writer/Executive Producer

The cinema feature film of Irishman Brian Keenan and Englishman John McCarthy’s ordeal as Lebanon hostages, based on their No 1 best-selling books An Evil Cradling and Some Other Rainbow, starring Ian Hart and Linus Roache.

It received numerous international film festival selections (London, Dublin, TriBeCa, Sydney etc) and nominations (Best Film, Best New Filmmaker, Best Music, Best Actor etc).

Ian Hart won Best Actor Award at New York’s TriBeCa Film Festival in 2004.

See Internet Movie Database (IMDB) audience poll/reviews.

quote startThe movie (BLIND FLIGHT) of the incarceration of Brian Keenan and John McCarthy is a triumph, anchored by brilliant central performances.quote endThe Observer - Philip French’s Top Five Films: 11.04.04

quote startTwo of the best male performances of the last year. quote endScreen International BAFTA 2004 Film Awards
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